Hyman Soloway, LL.B., Q.C., LL.D.

Hyman Soloway was educated at Queen's University and Osgoode Hall and was certified as a Specialist in Civil Litigation. He graduated in 1939 and recommenced practice in 1945 following his discharge from the Canadian Army. During his distinguished legal career, Hyman has practised in almost all areas of the law, but with an emphasis on corporate and commercial matters. From 1970 to 1978, he was counsel to the National Energy Board, and he also served as a director of major Canadian corporations. In addition to his professional endeavours, he was actively involved in community and public affairs as a member of the Canadian Jewish Congress, President of the Ottawa Jewish Community Council, and Chairman of the Board of Governors of Carleton University, where he received an LL.D, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ottawa Civic Hospital, and on the Board of Governors of Ottawa University where he received a second LL.D. A Chair in Trade and Business Law has been established in his name at the Faculty of Law at Ottawa University.

Hyman continued to maintain an active involvement in the practice of law until shortly before his 90th birthday. He passed away in 2004.

Message from Hyman Soloway
"(shortly before his 90th birthday)"

The most difficult step in creating, developing and sustaining a cohesive law firm is the assembly of young bright professionals with positive views as to the nature of the firm who will eventually form the nucleus of a continuing, expanding and active firm of lawyers of like quality, drive and aim.

In 1945 almost coincidentally with the termination of the last war, the late John Mirsky and I formed a firm under the name Mirsky, Soloway & Mirsky. From our first day of practice, we continued through hard work to form a firm of quality service. Over the next two decades the firm grew and after several name changes now operates as Soloway Wright with a reputation throughout the city and environs as one of the leading firms in the multitude of fields in which it specializes. At the outset we took advantage of the strong demand for lawyers. From inception it became apparent that John Mirsky was principally directed to criminal and litigious matters. Due to the strong demand in the field of real estate and community development, I played, if I am so bold to say, a leading role in the profession in Ottawa in the field of commerce and commercial matters and attracted clients seeking advice on those endeavours. The variety required drive, determination and skill in which we, as leading practitioners in the city, acted for major financial institutions and corporations. We have never looked back.

Today, the firm is eminently well placed and equipped to provide comprehensive legal services and advice throughout a wide spectrum of litigious skills in issues relating to commerce, trusts and estates and tax law and in related financial matters in addition to generally litigious matters.

From the period following the war and leading to the present time the firm has been actively involved in planning and development of municipalities, and generally in matters relating to roads and traffic, all being particularly relevant to the expansion of the municipality of Ottawa and adjacent areas.

Having been in practice personally for over sixty years, in addition to the nucleus above-mentioned, we gained considerable expertise and a sound reputation in a wide range of other areas - by way of example, our involvement with the National Energy Board in the 70s and 80s and significant roles in litigious matters. Our success is mirrored by the fact that the firm has had some fourteen partners or associates appointed to the bench with significant achievements there.

The driving aim of this firm has been and is to provide the best integrated services to satisfy existing demands recognizing the status and future requirements as the city and the region grow and to provide innovative services as these develop from time to time. This expertise, in particular, is a condition precedent to the basic knowledge and experience of past, present and future views of the municipality. No one solution suits all clients. The broader the field the broader the variety of endeavours and the greater the responsibility assumed by its advisors.

We are fortunate to have assembled a group of professionals with significant expertise in other fields and so recognized. We rejoice in the reputation for knowledge, integrity and pro-active services providing seamless sound advice. I am proud to see that this firm has continued its tradition for high quality level of service to our clients and our community. There is no one solution for clients' legal problems, but of this I am certain, in our case the application of talent, experience and imagination which follows years of experience and expertise are the essential steps and standards which this firm strives to maintain and continue to maintain.

90th Birthday Tribute

A 90th birthday party was planned for Hyman Soloway to be held at the Chateau Laurier in November 2003. But due to Mr. Soloway's illness this party was never held. A video that was to be shown that evening paying tribute to Hyman Soloway is available for you to download here.