Our Condominium Law Group has assisted condominium developers since the early 1970s. We are known in Ottawa as one of the leading law firms with this particular type of expertise. 

By representing developers on current projects, and working with property managers and our litigation group to understand owner’s concerns in existing older condominiums, we have the knowledge that enables us to present practical, goal-oriented solutions to the many issues that arise in structuring a condominium project.  Ultimately, we are able to ensure that our developer clients get the advice they need for practical and cost effective solutions.  

Lawyers in our Condominium Law Group form part of the Real Estate and Development Law team. They are available to represent clients on various types of condominium development projects to ensure the successful launch and completion of a condominium project. We interact with lawyers from our municipal, business law, labour and employment and litigation groups. Our condominium clients have at their disposal the full range of expertise and experience necessary. 

Our services include:

  • Providing advice with respect to all types of condominiums including standard, standard phased, common element condominium, leasehold and vacant land condominium corporation, whether residential, commercial and/or industrial;
  • Assistance with Zoning and official plan amendments where required, and site plan approvals;
  • Analysis of site plans and recommendations for project tenure and structure, including documentation and advice with respect to mixed use residential and commercial buildings with condominium and/or freehold tenures and complex joint use agreements;
  • Preparation of Developers’ Sales Packages including the master Agreements of Purchase and Sale and the Disclosure package;
  • Advising on legal aspects of budget preparations;
  • Advising with respect to amendments to condominium plans;
  • Liaison with City officials to achieve registration;
  • Easements, rights of way and covenants;
  • Re-development or substantial renovation of buildings and condominium conversions;

Our Condominium Dispute Resolution Team

The litigators in our Condominium Group provide advice to strata/condominium corporations and owners to help avoid litigation where possible. Where that is not possible, we represent our clients in court actions, arbitrations and mediations, always seeking an outcome that effectively and efficiently addresses our clients’ concerns.

Our services include:

  • Advice and representation in major “leaky condo” litigation.
  • Acting for strata/condominium corporations to collect substantial maintenance arrears.
  • Advising strata/condominium corporations on disputes regarding use of common property.
  • Advising owners and strata/condominium corporations on rental bylaws and noise issues.
  • Representation at arbitration of disputes involving permission to renovate strata/condominium lots or work on common property.

Our Condominium Lawyers