Theresa Antonietti, assisting Lawrence Soloway and Terilynn Anderson
Ext. 3181 [email protected]

Jannika Baird, Litigation Clerk
Ext. 4174 [email protected]

Cheryl Bennett, Finance

Sharon Bergland, Assistant
Ext. 2108 [email protected]

Jodi Blackmore, Reception
Ext. 2100 [email protected]

Roxanne Chapman, assisting Andre Ducasse and Ryan Garrett
Ext. 3189 [email protected]

Neale Chisnall, Controller
Ext. 3242 [email protected]

Lisa Crozier, assisting Alan K. Cohen
Ext. 4004 [email protected]

Ryan Darroch, Floater

Debbie Degen, assisting Donna M. Crabtree and Peter Hagen
Ext. 3027 [email protected]

Pam Duminy, assisting Kyle Van Schie
Ext. 2114 [email protected]

Helen Fraser, assisting Elizabeth A. Maiden
Ext. 3213 [email protected]

Shana Gardiner, assisting Sybil Johnson-Abbott
Ext. 3190 [email protected]

Angela Gervais, assisting Charles Honeywell
Ext. 2112 [email protected]

D'Arcy Guthrie, Office Assistant

Gayle Herman, Commercial Real Estate Clerk
Ext. 3175 [email protected]

Morag Kerr, Records

Crystal Kirkpatrick, Employment Law Clerk and assisting Alan M. Riddell
Ext. 3235 [email protected]

Debbie Lane, Corporate Clerk
Ext. 3194 [email protected]

Lyndsey Lawrence, assisting Richard A. McNevin
Ext. 5119 [email protected]

Derek Lelievre, IT
Ext 3180 [email protected]

Laura Lutes, Floater

Liz Maguire, Litigation Clerk
Ext. 3176 [email protected]

Maria Malandra, assisting Brian Roach
Ext. 3229 [email protected]

Jan Mathieson, Law Clerk
Ext. 3178 [email protected]

Heather McEwen, assisting Sanjay Srivastava
Ext. 3239 [email protected]

Susan Michels, assisting Christine Powell and Ashley Bennett
Ext. 4007 [email protected]

Kim Mills, assisting Douglas B. Kelly
Ext. 3240 [email protected]

Deborah Mooney, assisting Tara M. Sweeney
Ext. 2111 [email protected]

Allessandra Moran, Corporate Clerk
Ext. 3173 [email protected]

Allan Read, Real Estate Clerk and assisting Charles Honeywell
Ext. 3204 [email protected]

Veronica Redmond, Commercial Real Estate Clerk
Ext. 3192 [email protected]

Joann Rooke, Litigation Clerk
Ext. 3221 [email protected]

Jeanine Wilson, assisting Abraham Feinstein and Julia Heintzman
Ext. 3186 [email protected]

Sarah Sharp-Smith, assisting Brian Roach
Ext. 4005 [email protected]

Andrea Sheridan, Finance

Caitlin Simser, Records/Accounting

Irene Smith, Conveyancing Clerk
Ext. 3247 [email protected]

Tom Snell, Real Estate Clerk
Ext. 3183 [email protected]

Lauren Sprigings, HR/Office Manager
Ext. 3206 [email protected]

Jeannette St. Denis, Corporate Clerk
Ext. 3241 [email protected]

Debbie Taber, assisting Kenneth J. Webb and Travis A. Webb
Ext. 2019 [email protected]

Jo-Anne Trebinskie, assisting Richard A. McNevin and Daniel A. Coderre
Ext. 5112 [email protected]

Sandra Tree, assisting Douglas B. Kelly and Ursula K. Melinz
Ext. 2048 [email protected]

Dan Vice, Librarian
Ext. 3030 [email protected]

Linda Walker, assisting Iwona Albrecht and Bernie Roach
Ext. 3182 [email protected]

Joanne Whiteside, Finance 

Sarah Wilson, assisting Alan M. Riddell and Kenneth M. Wright
Ext. 3187 [email protected]