He Shoots He Scores! - A Night with the Stanley Cup

Whether you are young, old, a passionate fan or merely a passive observer, hockey holds an intense grip on Canadians, and nowhere is it more evident than when in the presence of the Stanley Cup. Soloway Wright has proven itself no less impervious to the Cup’s charms. On April 13, 2013, the gleaming goblet was greeted with much fan fair by the lawyers, staff and clients of Soloway Wright, as they celebrated a “Night with the Stanley Cup”.

For many it was like Christmas in April, when they had the opportunity to pose with the famous Stanley Cup. The pictures will no doubt be cherished keepsakes for many, as families reminisced about famous hockey games they attended together, encounters with famous players past and present and the many parties they have attended to cheer on their team. New memories were made that evening too, as kids partook in crazy experiments with Mad Science and friends shared pizza while they devised new and creative ways to pose with the Stanley Cup.

Although the Stanley Cup is a trophy that embodies hockey excellence, I think it is also a trophy that embodies what it means to be a hockey fan – good times, great memories and good natured camaraderie with other fans!

Written by Terilynn Anderson